Laser Finger construction

Last night, I got together with some friends for Laser Fingers construction workshop.  My friend Mars is an insanely creative person who has figured out how to add blinky lights to every day objects.  Tonight, we were making a glove like thing that had lasers attached to the finger tips.  Very cool for dancing (and even better as a cat toy).  The actually required a fair amount of sewing and sodering but the end product was totally worth it.

 Mars’ musings can be found at

The rest of Geoff’s pictures from the evening can be found here:

Post sodered/Pre sewed battery packs + lasers


Sew. Sew. Sew.


The final product!  Instant rave!



~ by fluvial on July 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Laser Finger construction”

  1. oh. wow. I just love this – you guys rock 🙂 I would totally wear those and dance with them…. 😀

  2. Thanks! Yes, they are pretty fabulous and I haven’t seen anything like it at parties and such so now I feel extra special. Are you in the Seattle area?

  3. I, unfortunately, am not. I’m somewhat close, in the Portland/Vancouver area though 🙂

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