Fluvial gets wordy

I signed up for ‘Writing Fiction and Short Stories’ through the UW Experiemental College and will start class next week.  Quite excited about this.  I’ve got boxes full of journals and letters and notes and another blog with 4 years worth of thoughts all crammed into it and it’d be nice to get some direction.   I’ve got 1/4 of a screenplay done and tons of ideas for more but I either don’t have the time to write or I feel like I write with the same words, the same style, blah blah blah which is why I’m signing up for the class.

 Most of my writing is pretty self centered, I guess.  Mainly my thoughts and observations of the world around me and how we interact with each other.  Introspective?  Somewhat.  Needing intense reworks?  Totally.  I’m not terribly into writing fiction that isn’t rooted in some sort of reality or personal experience so I hope he’s not having us write about happy childhoods and fluffy kittens (not that I don’t have experience with both of those).  I want to dig deeper. 

Ever widening circles!


~ by fluvial on July 16, 2007.

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