Dance ecstatically…live ecstatically?


A friend of mine (and one of the most body aware boys I’ve ever met) told me about Ecstatic Dance a little bit ago.  I’ve lived in Seattle for my entire life and I’ve never heard of this. It is tragic indeed but I’ve got a lot of movement stored up inside me so I’m ready to make up for lost time.

Mission statement: “Ecstatic Dance Seattle is a place for people to authentically and safely express themselves. It is a space free of judgment and instruction. It is a place to feel, move and heal, so that we can manifest our true selves.”

Yes, yes, and again, yes. Seeing as how I feel like a caged animal 80% of the time, this could be a welcome change to the monotony of work, chores, drudgery, etc.  I’m fortunate to have a tango partner who is open to messing around and dancing like a maniac but in the end, tango is a controlled dance.  Sometime a girl needs to put up her hair, leave her legs unshaved, and dance around like the hippie dirt worshipper she really is.



~ by fluvial on July 9, 2007.

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