Rockets and other nerdy things


Yeah yeah, I can sew but one of my projects this summer is to assemble and launch a rocket.  I’ve decided on the rocket pictured above…the Estes Screaming Eagle.  Assembly is required as is painting and the purchase of launcher and various launch accoutrement. 

Apparently, rocket motors are classed by letters and you can’t use ones above certain sizes unless you have been certified and there are various stages of certification you have to achieve before you launch progressively larger rockets. I think as long as my rocket doesn’t go above 1000 feet, I’m fine.

 Why am I doing this?  Well, it’s simple…I was always told in school that I wasn’t good at math and yes, my grades proved this.   However, I’ve always been interested in physics, etc. and a funny thing happened after I graduated from college…math became a lot easier when I wans’t being graded on it!  So now I’m indulging a little childhood fantasy of mine and do something totally out of charactor.

As for sewing, I’m still working on my knit jersey dress with the eggplant hued sash.  I bought a sewing machine and I was having some serious bobbin issues but those were mainly user error and not the machine’s fault so now I just have to find the time to sit down and finish the darn dress.


~ by fluvial on June 27, 2007.

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