New sewing machine!

I got a new sewing machine on Monday but I’m already having a few issues with it.  I end up with a million loose threads on the bobbin side of the fabric so I have no idea what’s going on.  I’m pretty sure it’s ‘user failure’ because the machine is brand new and so am I.  🙂 

 Sunday, I headed to my friend Bri’s boyfriend’s mom’s house (got all that?) for some serious bonding and sewing action!  We’ve decided to make her an official ADD sister because she was so fabulous!  She showed me how to do a zipper and now I feel like I’ve got all the tools for basic dress construction.  Now it’s just a matter of practicing!  We went a bit nuts in the fabric store later and I found the perfect fabric for my 1950’s housewife dress (see previous post) and the best part….it was only $2 a yard!  I was waiting to find cheap fabric because the dress required five yards of fabric which could get expensive fast.

 Alas, my camera isn’t working at the moment so I don’t have any pictures of my new creations but rest assured…those are coming soon!

 So yes, if someone is reading this and has theories on why I end up with a million bobbin threads when I sew with my machine, please post a comment! 


~ by fluvial on June 13, 2007.

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