Ever widening circles

I decided to start this blog in order to document my progress pursuing various passions/obsessions that I seem to have developed.  Currently, vegan cupcakes and sewing pretty dresses are my main obsessions with ebay being a huge enabler (TONS of vintage fabric and patterns…*swoon*)

 I’m rather new to both these pursuits so if you have any advice on either of them, I welcome that!  Like…anyone know how to put in an invisible zipper?  Anyone have any advice on where to find good fabric in the Seattle area? 

 I was inspired by the blogs  http://vegancupcakes.wordpress.com and http://www.dressaday.com  (check them out!) and have spent countless hours getting lost in the archives of various sewing and baking blogs.  Add a comment with your favorite blog!

And now to explain the name of my blog.  ‘Fluvial’ is my favorite word and since this is a blog about my favorite things, I figured that would be an appropriate blog name.  🙂

Here are pictures of the dresses/shirt that I’ll be making soon:

I have a slight obsession with anything 50’s.

I like the shirt on the bottom right.

Feel free to comment with your stories, advice, random thoughts…etc.

 Here we go!


~ by fluvial on April 19, 2007.

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